Olli Keränen: Fount
SIC, Helsinki 25.3. - 23.4. 2017


I think of you,
of your sense of ecology.
You think thinking is overrated.

Yet, I saw you reading
“How forests think”.
Have you noticed that forests
remind you of things
that I promised to remind you?

You better think things,
you reply.
I’m thinking thinging.

Forests think micro-stellar.
Star linguists think
unacceptable sentences.
Sentences don’t thing
the matter through properly.
The matter thinks energy,
what’s the formula?

Formula thinks
the String Theory
thinks g-strings
think all is connected
in some hypothetical
one dimensional world.

World faints infants.
Infants think the International Space Station (the ISS).
The ISS thinks about the Apollo 10 mission in 1969,
for example, when three astronauts on board
notice a loose turd floating through their spacecraft.

In 1998,
on the Russian space station Mir,
Peace and World is the same word in Russian,
a large free-floating mass of water
of the size of a basketball
was discovered under
a rarely-accessed service panel.

about floating
in mid-air
in the microgravity.

A shivering colony of micro-organisms,
slowly taking over the space station.

You fly over the forest
from where I’m looking at you now.

My head rose
thinking about buying mosquito safety net.
You say consider reading
“Thinking like a Mall.”

You think of coming back to the Earth.
New Zealand river is the first in the world
to be given legal human status.
The Earth will get one too some day,
you read.

You think fountains vs snowballs
should be the title of this text.

Titles go by faster than I can read.
“Consider notturno for a fridge.”
“Why open fridges attract poetry?”
“The president’s remarks left us centless.”
“Leaflets distribute photosynthesis.”
“The house on the waterfall falls into a trap.”

And close the fridge, you interrupt,
the light disturbs your sleep, on moss.

And moss, moss thinks mosquitos.
Mosquitos, only female ones though, think blood.
Blood thinks revenge thinks past thinks future.

I think of you,
of your recycled sense of ecology.
You think thinking is overrated.

Valentinas Klimašauskas

Guide (Woods), 2017
epoxy resin, carbon fiber, aluminium

Ware (Crystal), 2017
epoxy resin, plywood, ceramic tiles

Ware (Powder), 2017
synthetic wood, plywood, ceramic tiles

Ware (Midnight), 2017
colored epoxy resin, plywood, ceramic tiles

Beacon, 2017
steel, confectioneries

Fount, 2017
concrete, steel, plywood, ceramic tiles, nylon, aluminium, plastic

Guide (Home), 2017
epoxy resin, balsa wood