Runo: Milka Luhtaniemi


Niina Tervo / Olli Keränen: Clue Binder | 6.–29.11.2020

The exhibition opens on Thursday 5th November without reception. The artists are at the gallery.

The exhibition Clue Binder by Niina Tervo and Olli Keränen brings together the fabric of observations created through various material experiments. Both artists are interested in leaving open an aspect of their contribution and to see if the other artist could be careful enough in their observations to be able to take turns finding the missing part to add to the other’s work.

In the exhibition, the artists can be seen building on each other’s work, forming a stratification which neither could have accomplished without the other’s mind and preferences. Authorship and the dissolution of objects from the finished through the suspicious into crumbs is a way for both authors to perceive and converse with the circle of life around us.

In their exhibition, the artists want to ask themselves the question: Can the unusability of a work of art create an opportunity for the viewer to perceive the fragmentation of the conflicting goals created by modern life? And from each other, could they be whole together or separately, or should they be something else and if so is change, profound change possible? In other words, can an object that scratches itself because it has set desires inside that it cannot and does not want to fulfill serve as some kind of healing or, on the other hand, a warning example to its experiencer?
Clue Binder is the result of a search, alternatively brisk and at times fumbling.

Sour shell



nasal mucus


in a frenzied mood



Niina Tervo and Olli Keränen usually work on their own practices but share history as each other’s assistants. The exhibition in Titanik is the first time they bring their works together and try to share the authorship in making the works.

Photographs: Hertta Kiiski